Zayat Coworking

Zware Group was originated in Education services, which lead us into the habit of training and mentoring youth and professionals. It is by nature, the best thing we have been doing, apart from other successful businesses.

We live in a world where people are increasingly able to choose where, when, and why they work. To support this new work industry, ZAYAT cultivates a community of independents who gather to share, collaborate, and help one another. Through our coworking space, group activities, events, and online interactions, we are building a frame work for anyone who seeks to live and work on their terms, together.

Zayat is a concept by Zware Group for the better collaboration and resource sharing of Professional community in Myanmar, including local, Expats and Repats.

We are community-based coworking facility with possibility to expand each professional network, help Start-ups and make impact on the community. Cowork, Communicate, Collaborate and make a difference for all walks of life.