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The Genesis Zware Group, the parent company of De Arch. LIVE LIFE. BUILDER GROUP & MBIG, was founded in 1996. Initially involved in education sector, founders shift to construction industry by planting seed in the next generation through establishment of Design 8 Architecture firm. Since then, Zware Group has grown into one of the nation’s leading companies in designing and constructing of illustrious structures with it continuous supply of the material for the construction requirements, with Four major business units: De Arch which makes the eminent and renowned architectural innovations, technologically advanced structures. LIVE LIFE Division, through corporation with prestigious global partners, bringing the world most well-known Architectural Solution. BUILDER GROUP materializes the dreams of the clients projected through the architect’s creations made possible through solid workmanship. MBIG, through good reputation and trustworthiness attracted investors to come together to be a part of Zware Group enabling to pursue and develop bigger and better ventures for our publics and the economy at large. We, the Zware Group, is now poised to take another giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a global leader in the twenty-first century, fully committed to its bold drive to create better products and services


In 2008 Design and Architecture firm was incorporated as the first step of Zware Group later followed by sister companies in becoming a one-stop center for the booming construction industry of Myanmar.

Design firm being the gate way attracted many clients and projects were passed down to Builder Group Company, or Live Life (Manufacturing), two other companies of Zware Group, put together to fulfill the market demand for high quality construction. Subsequently, Live Life (Trading) was added to supply world-enowned brands such as Formica, Corian, Doellken, Montelli, PERForm, Live Life Adhesives, Dunlop, Dormakaba. With the best understanding of the market needs and great marketing strategies, trading company grew as a successful and reputable building material supplier. Good reputation and trustworthiness attracted investors to be apart of Zware Group, which inspired us to form Myanmar Business Investment Group, allowing investors to take part in property developments such as Condominium and low-cost housing projects.


Zware Group is made up of individually, fast growing companies, learning and moving forward together with shared resources, knowledge and networks increasing amount of foreign businesses and investments coming into Myanmar. There is a very promising future for a group like Zware. Where the internationality of design and standard of work is the utmost, priority of the group. Zware Group is run by foreign educated and experienced Myanmar professionals, which has become our strength in collaborating with foreign clients, designers, contractors, developers, manufactures and suppliers. This is the niche market as many foreign companies are facing difficulties in communicating and liaising with ordinary local companies where majority of them are still running in very old-fashioned ways. Constantly, Zware Group has been building great teams and setting up the system with the focus on learning and building reputation comes before making a dime. Zware Group focus might only be on the development of Myanmar for the coming years as there is plenty of room for growth, However, management policy makes sure that we do not loose sight, on the future expansion possibilities of international markets.

De Arch


Most of the projects inspired us by their site location & nature of business. To us,
neither form nor function leads our inspiration.

Both were equality paid attention to, for the benefits of both occupants & observers.

Time to time, some great projects were not realized according to clients change of
business ideas.

De Arch was engaged to design numerous showrooms in recent years and it has
become major role for De Arch to play a part in reshaping the streetscapes of Yangon.


De Arch was commissioned to design many interior projects both commercial &
residential. In designing interior spaces, De Arch tend to introduce modern materials to
improve indoor air quality & reduce excessive use of teak, which is not only to go towards
green but also to improve this standard of living spaces.

Live Life

Live Life is premium, LiveLife is quality, Live Life is reliability.

These are our images projected and earned as one of the leaders in distribution of High Pressure Laminate, innovative hardwares and quality adhesives; creating trends in interior decoration by introducing new product range and fresh methods of applying existing products.

Live Life is the pride and joy of Zware Group.


With millions of trading revenue,
Formica® leads this sector. Hundreds of colours and patterns ready-in-stock, a century young quality provider Formica® is providing decorative surface solutions for designers, decorators and home owners of Myanmar. Furniture edging provider, Dollken, stands beside Formica® as a complimenting product for Myanmar modern furniture industry. DupontTM Corian® is the latest addition to the sector in order to complete decorative surfaces offers by Live Life.


With the growing demand for infrastructure and commercial buildings, Architectural requirement is escalating towards cream of the crop amidst Myanmar new political & economic Landscape. Hence, Live Life is partnering up with Hunter Douglas and EQUITONE to enable Architectural façade and window dressing to have world premium class look and quality.


Furniture has played an important role in daily life and they need to be perfect in every aspects. Starting from private to commercial, LIVE LIFE Furniture provides solutions for the needs of essential basic to comfort luxury. “Live the way you like” with LIVE LIFE Furniture to improve the quality of life and feel the taste of satisfaction.

Builder Group

BG strives for excellence in providing construction related services including project design. Market consultants to determine demand and a project’s economics: professional consultant to handle agreements and government approvals environmental concerns and soil condition to analyze a site’s physical limitations, cost estimating and budgeting, time and project management.

BG construction services are managed by our team of highly experienced personnel, incorporating the expertise of various professionals in the architectural, engineering, quantity surveying and other related files, with whom we have established and have excellent working relationships.

Our sub-contractors have now worked with us for a good number of years and have proved their reliability and dedication to quality workmanship. We are able to maintain full control over all aspects of demolition, earthworks, construction, supervision, quality control, cost control and the recycling of waste building materials.

We continually keep abreast with new development in all fields of the construction industry, a factor that has resulted in considerable savings to our clients in both material costs and time.

Live Life Media

At first we started out to fill up the small void. Later on, we found ourselves in the middle of an evolution.

Architectural society in Myanmar is evolving. The construction sector is booming. People are demanding better living; quality living.

Hence, Live Life Media connecting between Architecture, Art, Design, People, Engineering, Business, Literature and Lives.


Currently, we are specializing in property development investment as it is our most advantaged area of study comparing to other field.

Being part of ZWARE GROUP gives us the advantage to receive most updated news and information on construction and property market. 

MBIG is formed with specialist from different area of the large industry where we are committed to advise our clients with relevant and realistic information only.

We have strong banding with market leading developers and construction companies.

Zayat Coworking

Zware Group was originated in Education services, which lead us into the habit of training and mentoring youth and professionals. It is by nature, the best thing we have been doing, apart from other successful businesses.

We live in a world where people are increasingly able to choose where, when, and why they work. To support this new work industry, ZAYAT cultivates a community of independents who gather to share, collaborate, and help one another. Through our coworking space, group activities, events, and online interactions, we are building a frame work for anyone who seeks to live and work on their terms, together.

Zayat is a concept by Zware Group for the better collaboration and resource sharing of Professional community in Myanmar, including local, Expats and Repats.

We are community-based coworking facility with possibility to expand each professional network, help Start-ups and make impact on the community. Cowork, Communicate, Collaborate and make a difference for all walks of life.

Zayat TV

Thoughts, life cycle, and efforts of young and old, technicians, and many intellectuals from all walks of life, a place where you can put together a record of what you have done.

We will continue to strive to be the main source of content that we can emulate concerned with youths who can lead the country to further development based on education, health, economy, political issues, the new generation and so on.

‘ Made in Myanmar’